Philippines Retirement

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Philippines Reriement and Buy Your Dream Golf and Leisure Home in Riviera Golf and Country Club

What are you looking for in a dream home?.

When do you want to retire and where. Philippines Retirement costs considerably less than in other developed countries and significant investment has been made by the Filipino authorities to attract Foreign retirees to the country.
Retirement is something we all wish for so we can enjoy every day. Philippines Retirement offers this. Be it swimming or playing golf or cycling or walking.
We want to be happy with ourselves and where we retire.We may not be retiring now but now is the time to plan. Even if you are a foriegner we can make it happen, Retiring in the Philippines means you can buy your property now and rent it out until you retire. We can assist you in doing this. we have many people wanting to rent here due to the leisure facilities here and at the Riviera Golf Course close by. Prices will never be lower for Philippines retirment than they are now. so now is the time to buy. Have holidays here, so it is a part time retirement home. Even if you only spend six months in the Philippines retirement and six months at home, this is the place to retire. Filipino authorities work hard to attract retirees to this country. This helps to ensure simplified relocation and visa application procedures if you are a foriegner. The Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV) is a popular option that requires you to make an investment into the country. Owning a house and lot at Riviera Golf and Country Club can qualify you for the Philippines retirment and investment portion of the SRRV and we will help to submit documentation to the PRA on your behalf.
By renting your home for the other six months, you will have money to spend in the Philippines when you come back. Even if you are a non golfer now, this place will encourage you to start. Riviera Golf and Country club offers the perfect retirement opportunity. Retire in the Philippines and own your property and be part of an active community in a beautiful location. With on-site staff to take care of maintenance and security, you are free to simply relax and enjoy yourself. You can spend all days of your Philippines retirement swimming, tennis, golf, badmington or cycling. Keep a slim body by exercising and this is the place to do it. No need to cycle outside of the security gates because there is so much space inside.

Now is the time to invest in your Philippines retiirement. If it is a house and lot or just a lot we have just what you need.