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Investment in the Philippines and Buy a Dream Golf and Leisure Home Here in Riviera Golf and Country Club

Are you looking for an investment in the Philippines that offers you so much more?.
Whilst every investment hopes to create capital growth and regular income, there are so few opportunities that also allow you to invest in Philippines and enjoy idyllic lifestyle at the same time. Enjoy truly flexible ownership at Riviera Gold and Country Club, live here whenever you want and generate great returns on your investment Philippines when you are away.

This is a lifestyle investment in Philippines when buy your house and lot here and enjoy great returns by renting your property, we can assist and manage this for you. There are always people wanting to rent property here and there is never enough to satisfy demand. Vacation here and enjoy your investment Philippines, when you decide to retire, your house is waiting and If you wish to sell we can organise this for you and we always have ready buyers wanting to buy built properties so it will be quick and simple.
What do you have to loose in investment Philippines, nothing, your invest Philippines will give you good returns as we understand what you need and the end result is a 'Win Win' situation
You can invest in Philippines and buy a house and lot for as little as 5M Pesos or a buy a lot only in Philippines for as little as 3600 Pesos per sqm. Prices will never be this low again. The community at Riviera is very strong and people tend to meet on a regular basis to play golf at the 36 hole golf club or shoot pool in the country club.
This place is perfect for your investment philippines for you and your family, close to all the amenities but in a clean and fresh environment.

Even if you are a foreigner and cannot own land in the Philippines we have a solution for you. You can buy your investment Philippines house and we organise the land for you either as a lease for up to 50 years and you just buy the house.. We will make it easy for you. Talk to us and we can advise how simple your Philippines investment can be.